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Registry of Motor Vehicle Laws Massachusetts – RMV LawyersIf you have lost your license to drive in Massachusetts, you may have to attend an RMV hearing to have it reinstated. An RMV hearing is also necessary if you are seeking a hardship license or if you are seeking to remove an ignition interlock devise from your vehicle.

Why Have an Attorney Present?

Many people wrongfully assume that they do no need a Massachusetts defense attorney present for an RMV hearing. While it is not required, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side can literally mean the difference between getting your license back or not. The RMV hearings in Massachusetts can be complex and confusing for some. There is a great deal of paperwork involved if you are trying to get your license back after an offense or trying to apply for a hardship license. An attorney can ensure all of that paperwork is handled and that every documented needed is ready for the hearing. The hearing officer can also ask you specific questions, much like at a trial. An attorney who has been through RMV hearings before can help you prepare for any possible questions.

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Building a Strong Defense

An attorney from the Law Office of Stephen M. Forlizzi will go over the details of your case and help you prepare for a hearing. We can help you get documents and letters together that may help your case. Letters from employers, medical professionals, or treatment facility personnel can have a huge impact on how the case is resolved.

We will work diligently to help you get your license back and help you prepare for your RMV hearing in every way. Let the Law Office of Stephen M. Forlizzi protect your rights and help you put your driver’s license problems behind you.

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